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Easy Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on October 13, 2015

Whether you love it or hate it, autumn is here.

Fall is a good time of year to take care of larger home repair projects before the shorter days and winter weather make outdoor work more difficult. In today’s blog post I’m going to go over some essential fall home maintenance tasks to get your home ready for the winter, make your life a little more comfortable or prepare it to enter the fall market.

Landscaping TLC

If you have trees on your property, now is an excellent time to trim dead branches. Trees grow slower in the fall, so while it is not an optimal time for planting saplings, you should definitely consider fertilizing the trees you already have or treating your less robust trees with fungicide.

Also consider trimming shrubs, fertilizing your lawn or cutting back on overgrown areas to prevent winter breaks when the snow starts to fall.

Keep Your Gutters Squeaky Clean

Once most of the leaves have fallen, clean out your gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters during fall and early winter storms can cause water and ice to pool, which can damage your roof, siding or gutters.

Seal Gaps to Prevent Unwanted House Guests

It’s the time of year where suburban critters begin to seek shelter for the winter months. Mice, squirrels, chipmunks and more will find your home a cozy place to ride out the snow and ice. Fill small holes and cover large gaps that may allow access into your property.

Stock Up on Winter Supplies

Every year during the first significant snow of the year we see a rush to hardware store. Prepare yourself now before the rush. Stock up on snow shovels, ice scrapers, pet and plant friendly ice melt and emergency supplies for your car and home so you can avoid being without when the stores are mobbed.

Service Your Snowblower

If you have a snowblower, consider getting it a tune up before your repair shop is overwhelmed. Stock up on snowblower fuel.

Add Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is applied around the frames of windows and doors and help with fuel costs. This can make your later fall months and winter much more affordable and comfortable. Consider adding door sweeps to the base of your drafty doors to keep the heat in.

Remove Window A/C Units

If you don’t have central air and you use window air conditioning units, now is the time to remove them before the weather turns too cold.

Clean That Chimney

If you plan to use your fireplace at all this winter, make sure your chimney is squeaky clean and in working order. You do not want a fire in your chimney. Chimney fires can quickly spread through your home and cause significant damage. An unkept chimney can also lead to carbon monoxide buildup and smoke damage. Even if you don’t plan to use your chimney, it’s a wise idea to make sure you’re ready just incase you need to warm things up in the event of winter power outage.

The fall can be a productive time of year, regardless of if you’re listing your property to sell or not. With these tips you’re sure to make the best use of your limited daylight hours getting ready for the chillier months.

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