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5 Projects You Can Do Now to Enhance Winter Curb Appeal

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on October 21, 2015

Even with daylight savings time on its way it won’t be long until we say goodbye to green lawns, warm weather and long days.

This means less outdoor time for landscaping and home maintenance chores. If you plan to put your home on the market late in the fall or in the early winter, it’s important to not neglect your curb appeal. Take the necessary steps to keep your home looking warm and inviting before the cold weather begins to settle in.

In today’s blog post we’re going to go over five easy projects you can do now while the weather is relatively warmer to enhance your winter curb appeal and keep your property looking fresh and appealing, even as the weather begins to change.

Install Simple Landscape Lighting

New England doesn’t get a lot of sunlight during the winter months. With the shorter days it’s possible some of your showings may occur during the twilight hours. Keep your property looking inviting by installing a few strategically placed lights along your driveway, walkway or porch.  Aside from making your property stand out, it also serves as a safety precaution from slipping on snow and ice when you can’t clearly see where you are going.

Protect Your Garden

It’s important to give your landscaping work the same amount of love in the winter. Protect your bulb gardens and shrubs from extreme temperatures by using a couple of inches of extra mulch. Not only will this mulch protect your plantings and look better during the winter months, but it will also improve the aesthetic appearance of your property during the late fall and early winter months when there isn’t a lot growing. This will also mean a more beautiful garden come warmer weather.

Keep the Lawn Tidy

Your grass may no longer be green and lush, but you should still keep things looking neat so potential buyers can picture what it’ll look like in the warmer months. Keep your lawn neat and tidy until the first snowfall by raking up leaves and taking care of any fallen branches.

Consider Cold Weather Plants

Evergreen trees or plants that can survive colder New England temperatures such as pansies, blue holly, camellia or witch hazel can add a splash or much needed color and make your home look more appealing and manicured.

The early fall months are a good time to plant these late bloomers. With the ground still unfrozen, these inexpensive plants will have time to establish their root systems before more serious freezes later on in the year.

Don’t Overdo Holiday Decor

It might be tempting to deck your property with wreaths, lights and inflatable decorations as the holidays draw near. You should definitely keep the seasons in mind, but be careful not to overload your porch, entryway, deck or front yard with gaudy decorations or too much distraction. Remember, when listing your home it’s important to make sure it retains universal allure. Potential buyers need to envision themselves in your property and decorations can be a divisive topic.

With a little planning and forethought now you can retain the same charm and beauty your property exhibits in the warmer months during the late fall and winter months. Remember, the housing market is open 365 days a year. While the fall market is traditionally a busy time of year there are still buyers looking for their dream homes in the winter months, too.

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