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Top 5 Amenities Buyers Want This Fall

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on November 4, 2015

There are a lot of trends that are gaining momentum in the housing market.

Whether you’re prepared to start looking for your dream home today or you’re looking for something to give your property a little edge come the time you’re ready to list, these five popular amenities that homebuyers are finding more and more alluring are sure to pique your interest.

Whether you’re getting prepared to buy a new home or just curious about upcoming trends in housing, there are a bevy of features gaining momentum on the real estate market. From top to bottom and room to room, here are five popular features that homebuyers will be sure to notice this fall.

Big is nice. Energy efficient is better.

It wasn’t that long ago that owning a bigger home meant having a better home. This has gradually changed as the costs of maintenance, home improvements and energy have increased. In some markets bigger homes are experiencing a decline in popularity and the favor is shifting toward smaller, more energy efficient homes. Many buyers are beginning to look at property that are more economical in the long term, offer newer windows and insulation or utilize green energy trends such as passive solar or geothermal.

The kitchen is king.

Most rooms in a house exist for the sole purpose of housing furniture and are what you make them. Living rooms and bedrooms can be fixed up with a new layer of paint or some new doors. Kitchens are another story. Updating a kitchen can be costly for a new buyer. Newer appliances, countertops and cabinetry will go along way with a lot of buyers in today’s marketplace. A newly renovated kitchen often adds some serious bonus points when it comes to which home to make an offer on.

The rise of the smart homes.

We’ve blogged about smart homes before. While antique homes offer character and a sense of style that cannot be duplicated, newer homes win out in energy efficiency and modern amenities.

Technology has become so ubiquitous that it makes sense for buyers to invest in homes with smart features. From thermostats that can be adjusted with mobile devices to doors opened via Bluetooth, smart features are a huge part of what makes a modern home. Homeowners can have the best of both worlds, too. Many smart home technologies don’t require any special treatment during construction. This means that it is extremely easy to make any home a smart home, from your new construction to your antique Colonial.

Bright Colors Are In

In a recent blog post on the art of staging we discussed how more neutral tones can often be the best for allowing a potential buyer to envision a home as their own. But well placed color can definitely draw in a younger crowd. With bright color making a design comeback, a bold sink or appliance can be the type of risk that pays off and has the potential to sway the right kind of buyer.

Trends are always changing and the features that grab a potential buyer today can change by this time next year. However, certain popular trends will not be going out of style anytime soon.

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