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Organizing Your Home for the Holidays

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on November 27, 2015

Thanks to our guest blogger, Dawn Link, of Resolutions. Dawn is a Certified Professional Organizer®, whoworks with clients, helpingthem organize and prepare their homes for the market as well as settling and getting organized into their new homes in the Concord, Lexington, Arlington, and Weston areas.

We are in the midst of the busiest time of year with holiday entertainment and all that goes along with getting your house in order.

Wouldn’t it be great to not have to face your guests all stressed out and frazzled? Here are some tips to help you organize your home for the holidays.

Keep it simple. No one expects your house to look like the Newport mansions all decked out for the holidays. As you take your holiday decorations out of storage and begin to decorate the house, really look at the items and decide if it is an item you love and need to put out. For every item you put out, remember you have to reverse the process in a few weeks. Is it worth your time to have every item out this year?

Once you get your house the way you want it decorated, take a photo of each room. The items you did not put out should all be stored together with a label on front noting the date and description that they weren’t displayed. Go one step further and as you are gathering the unused items, really look and make a decision if it is even worth storing or is it time to donate and someone else will enjoy it more?

You now have a record of what you used and by taking the photo; you know how you decorated your home this year. Next year you will have an easier time decorating and fewer decisions to make.

Make a list. And keep to it. When are you entertaining? Who will be staying at your house over the holidays? Who do you have to buy gifts for? Putting all this down on paper or an app will keep you focused and less scattered.

For entertaining, plan your menu and shopping list. If guests will be staying at your house, get the guest area set up now, not the night before, or worst, the day of. Make a spreadsheet of gift giving or use an app such as Santa’s Bag to track who you need to buy for and what you are buying. Add a few generic gifts for just in case moments when you need to have a hostess gift or spur of the moment gift.

Delegate and say yes to offers of help. When you are entertaining at your house, look at the menu and see if others can help you by bringing a dish or two. When guests offer to help, say yes. Before the guests arrive see what tasks you are able to delegate. If you put sticky notes where you want your food to go that is one simple task that others can assist you with. Have someone assigned to taking coats or greeting guests as they arrive and taking drink orders. All these little tasks will make your event less stressful for you and you will be able to concentrate on the important things you need to do.

If getting organized for the holidays seems like too daunting a task, we are always at the ready to lend a hand!  Why not give us a call at 781-279-4643so that you can truly enjoy the holidays at your home.

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