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2016 Year End Review and Projection for 2017 for Concord, MA

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on January 6, 2017

We are currently experiencing a shift in the residential real estate market in Concord, and our land scape has become bifurcated.  If you are selling a home under $1,500,000 you would feel that the market is strong, and if that price was under $1,000,000 you might say that the market is bidding wars and out of control.  However, there is a different story playing out in the upper end of the real estate market and this is catching the attention of real estate professionals and home owners alike.

This was the story in 2016 and we are predicting that this landscape is going to stay very much the same in 2017.   We would like to offer some advice for upper price point and if you are thinking of entering the market in 2017 contact us for specific advise for your home.

The important factors in 2017 will be the seller mindset that if you are in the high end of the market say $1,750,000 or high and located outside 1 mile from Historic Concord center it will be a price war to the door and then your home must be in parade ready shape.  We feel that in order to stand out in this competitive market you should be requesting video, matterport, HD photography, and making sure you have a robust internet marketing package.  The multiple listing service allows 30 photos and if your broker only puts up 10 you are missing potential buyers.

The number one factor that we feel Concord home sellers in this price point need to convey in their marketing is the unique life style that Concord offers.  We have award winning golf courses, equestrian farms, access to commuter rails and highway, fine dining, and exceptional schools.  It is not just about the house, but the entire package.


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