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How Concord Home Buyers Secure an Accepted Offer

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on January 10, 2017

The media rave right now is that sellers are getting multiple offers and the buyers looking to come into a Concord are feeling hopeless.  Is offering more money the only way I will get the home of my dreams?  Sometimes yes, but today we are going to talk about another technique to help you secure your dream home.

Joe and Christina were moving  from Chicago to Massachusetts for a new position in Cambridge that Joe had, and they were working with a broker for 6 months.  They had put in 3 offers and all were out positioned by other agents and buyers.  Joe and Christina came to us from a very happy client who felt we could assist them.  We sat down and asked two questions to these guys.   Do you have a needs/wants list?  No was their answer.  Did you write a personal letter to the seller with a picture of you and the boys with any of your offers?  Again the answer was No! The needs/wants list is a simple, but important exercise to help both parties get on the same page and to be focused.

The letter to the seller is also simple, but so important.  Real Estate is such a challenging field because you have the important monetary component, but you can not underestimate the emotional component.  People raise their families in homes and they make memories.  We found the perfect home for Joe and Christina here in Concord in under 30 days, but it was just outside their price point.  We suggested to them to write a letter to the seller and to include a picture of the family.  We also suggested that since they were in temporary housing that we offer a quick closing (broker said that was important to the sellers).  Not only did the seller accept their offer, but he wrote a note back about how important it was to have a family like Joe and Christina’s in the neighborhood.  Oh, and did we mention our offer was for $50,000 below the asking price.

The buyers were thrilled and the sellers were thrilled.  We created a win/win and a Client for Life.


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