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Behind the Depot in Concord, MA

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on February 7, 2017

We will be highlighting neighborhoods in Concord, and thought what better ones to start with than the ones our team members live in.  Tom lives Behind the Depot and today is going to offer first hand insight into this neighborhood.  The area is bordered by Main St, the MBTA train line that stops at 80 Thoreau, by Sudbury Rd, and the Concord River.  The streets that make up the neighborhood are Grant St, Brooks, Belknap, and Elsinore St.  This neighborhood is less than .5 miles from Historic Concord center, and everything that Concord has to offer.

Tom has said in the past that there are three features that make this neighborhood so amazing.  The first is that it is diverse in the housing offered.  There are mansions on the street selling for $1,400,000 (on the train side) to $1,700,000 on the river side.  There are ranch style single family homes that are selling in the $700,000, there are condos that sell in the $550,000, and there are 6 brick apartment buildings and the 1 bed rooms rent around $1,600 per month.  With this diverse housing stock you get a diverse population and that makes the neighborhood amazing.  He also loves the walkability of the home neighborhood.  Growing up in Maynard, Tom loved walking to town center and that was something he wanted for his family, and this neighborhood is a 5 minute walk to the train and at most 15 minutes across town to Concord’s Colonial Inn.  The last love of this neighborhood is the access or for the neighbors the lack of access.  There are only two roads in which makes the neighborhood feel very private.

If you want more information about this neighborhood contact the Tom and Joanne Team.

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