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Southfield Neighborhood in Concord, MA

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on February 21, 2017

This week we are profiling a neighborhood that is very close to Tom’s neighborhood and it is called Southfield.  This neighborhood is comprised of Southfield Rd, Southfield Cir, Riverdale Rd, Dana Rd, Garden Rd, and Pilgrim Rd.  This neighborhood is different from Behind the depot as it does not have the mix of housing stock you found in the Depot neighborhood.

When this neighborhood was developed it was all single family homes and mostly Cape Cod style homes on about half acre lots.  This neighborhood is bordered by Sudbury Rd, the Concord River, and the South Meadow Park.  You can hear route 2, and faintly hear the train which is much closer to Behind the depot, but the trade off of access is amazing.

We have found that due to the insular nature of this neighborhood it began to transform about 10 years ago and has a nice mix of homes ranging from $650,000 to $1,600,000.  You have more uniformity in this neighborhood.  It is slightly farther from town center, and the distance really depends on how far into the neighborhood your home is located.

Some of the things that we love about this neighborhood are the outside access.  There are two roads in and out so it is great for walking and running.  The views of the river are so amazing, and having an open park within the neighborhood is awesome.   The neighborhood can gather for soccer games and any other outdoor activities right within the neighborhood.  The final thing we love is the access to the train and the wonderful amenities of Concord center are at your finger tips.

If you are considering a move to Concord then this is a neighborhood that you want on your search criteria.

Tom Matthews

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