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Improving the Curb Appeal of your home

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on February 28, 2017

As the snow is melting it is time to start thinking about the curb appeal of your home.  We are visual beings and how the exterior of your home looks is really important.  The big obvious items are the roof and the exterior painting, and in today’s blog we are going to focus on the landscaping.  It is really important to freshen up the exterior landscaping prior to bringing your home to the market.  We have two companies in the Concord area who we often use when our clients need freshening up on the exterior.

The first is Gail Alden of Alden Design in Lincoln.  Gail is brought in if the client needs some new plantings or needs to have some plants.  Her Contact info is .

The next vendor who is on our team is Perfection Landscaping which is owned by Todd Stout and they do an exceptional job executing the plan that Gail gives for a particular home.  If you are interested in their services you can contact their owner Todd Stout at 978-815-0269.

If you are preparing your home for sale in Spring 2017 you need to have the right team which includes the exterior, interior, and the marketing and sales team.

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