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Don’t let a Title 5 Inspection delay your home sale!

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on March 2, 2017

Don’t let a Title 5 Inspection delay your home sale!


If you are planning to sell your Massachusetts home this spring and it is serviced by a private septic system, then as soon as the ground thaws, you should get your septic system inspected.  You have to have a “Title 5 Certificate” showing that your system “passed” inspection in order to sell your home.  The system must be inspected by person or company who is licensed to inspect septic systems by the state and the town where the system is located.  Your local board of health should have a list of licensed inspectors.  Here is quick link to local boards of health:

The septic system inspection will “pass,” “conditionally pass” or “fail.” If your system passes, you are good to go.  If it conditionally passes and thus needs repairs, you will have to have the repair done, show the local board of health that the repair was completed and it will issue a certificate of compliance.  If the system fails, you will need to engage a licensed engineer to get a new septic system designed, installed and approved prior to a sale.

A Title 5 certification is good for 2 years, but if you have had your system pumped every year, it is good for 3 years.

More information on the requirements of Title 5 can be found on the state’s website:

If you need assistance with navigating the Title 5 inspection process or any other issues prior to putting your home on the spring market, talk to a licensed real estate professional.


Mary E. Bassett, Esq.


Concord, MA

March 2, 2017

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