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Resiliency and Persistence … Two Critical Qualities Required to Purchase a Home!

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on March 14, 2017

Resiliency and Persistence … Two Critical Qualities Required to Purchase a Home!


I know … a lot of you may be thinking I may be a bit dramatic, over emphasizing this experience of purchasing a home, but no this venture can be draining and taxing; an emotional roller coaster of sorts, bringing out emotions and feelings that may shock and surprise you.  However, there is hope.  You see you have this built-in internal foundation that has been created over time that will truly assist you in this process.  And this foundation is wrapped into these two qualities that you possess and are right within your reach.  Grab hold of them as you will need them now.  These two qualities within your base will propel you forward regardless of the challenges and obstacles that occur.  No, I am not talking about a sudden inheritance or winning the lottery … I am talking about situations and events, like purchasing a new home or a home for the first time, that requires this internal workout that you will need to get you through this journey.  I am specifically talking about resiliency and persistence.


Resiliency is this toughness, this elasticity that you possess and will move you through any given challenge.  Persistence refers to this never give up attitude and a “push-throughed-ness” regardless of what is ahead of you.  These two combined are a powerful force that will move you through and bring you to the other side a champion!


Tapping into these inner strengths during transitional times will lead to gains and success regardless of the outcome.  Purchasing a home, especially during the busy Spring season, will require a level of resiliency and persistence on your part.  There will be highs and lows, there will be excitement and disappointments, there will be angst and pleasure and there will be white knuckle gripping moments and calm tranquility with deep soulful breaths!  Don’t forget to enjoy the process along the way because at the end of this venture, you will have landed in your dream home and that is where the fun will really begin!


Jackie Ross, Certified Professional Leadership and Life Coach.  Please visit my website at or contact me by email at

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