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Will my home in Concord really sell in 10 days in Spring 2017?

Posted by The Tom and Joanne Team on March 21, 2017

Will my home in Concord really sell in 10 days in Spring 2017?

The overwhelming evidence is that the answer is yes your home will sell quickly, but…  The property has to be in amazing condition and priced really well.  If you are not is what we call show ready shape and/or you decide to push the price for the neighborhood then you could be feeling as though you are in a completely different real estate market.  Currently we have approximately 40% less inventory in Middlesex county this year over last year.

Rates are up over 1.25% since the election in November, but historically we are still near record lows.  As the real estate market has continued to strengthen everything has gone up in price; except that is the cost of money.  It is more expensive for labor, materials, and all other items associated with renovating a home.  Additionally, making money is even more challenging and requires that much more time and effort.  Unless you have an amazing location the condition of your property is key if you want to sell in 10 days for top dollar.

The buyers in today’s real estate market will use cheap money to pay a premium for homes that they perceive to be priced well and are in exceptional condition.  If there was ever a market to make some improvements before listing this would be that market.

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Tom Matthews

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